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Is your website generating you leads and sales? Most businesses have it all wrong when it comes to websites and digital marketing, they focus on pretty looks and pageviews when instead they should be focused on leads, sales and profits.

How you might have found me:

You went to Google and typed in Chicago SEO Expert or Chicago SEO Consultant (very hard terms to rank for) You searched Google Maps for a consultant or agency nearby. You might have gone on Linkedin or Youtube and looked locally or found me through a referral.

Anyway I'm glad you're here and want to extend my background and experience to you at no charge just for stopping by! 

All you have to do is pick a time and I'll call you for a free consultation

Jose Gonzalez is a Chicago based digital marketing consultant that specializes in leads, sales, and profits for high ticket b2b and b2c businesses.

While everyone else is focused on pretty looks and pageviews Jose focuses on driving leads, sales and profits I've put together an ebook that explains:

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    Revealed: the simple method you must apply before you build any new landing page, homepage or layout.
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    Get the copywriting hacks that will turn your pages and content from boring to "take my money!" riveting.
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    Discover the secrets to creating & testing ultra effective landing pages for your Facebook ads, Google Adwords and search engine optimization.

Satisfied Clients

Hi my name is Jose Gonzalez and I'm a marketing consultant and I help business owners get 2-3x ROI using seo, social media and pay per search efforts

If your interested in getting more sales and customers with more predictability download this Free Report showing you what I've learned from working with 200 businesses and 7 Steps you can take right now to boost your sales and leads!

I've put together a very comprehensive ebook guide to website sales, boosting your business. It contains the exact methods we have tried and tested in some of the most competitive markets. If it works for us, it will  work for you!

What others are saying about this guide:

Jose is a great mind...

Jose is a great mind. The speed at which he learns and implements new techniques astonishes me.
You won't find anyone more switched on to marketing and traffic generation, and who cares as much about his clients as Jose.

JOSE LUIS MARTIN CARA  //  Business Analyst

but more importantly the phone has not stopped ringing...

We hired Jose to undertake some search engine optimisation work to boost Google rankings for our UK car hire arm. The results were nothing less than sensational and within six months we were ranked highly on Google, but more importantly the phone has not stopped ringing. I can not recommend Jose's services enough. He’s really one of a kind.


If you are serious about your business, this is the best risk-free consultation with Jose.

Jose pretty much knows what he is doing exactly. He is so confident and knows what he is talking about as he has the skills and knowledge and talks to you with results. He gives many Free results so why not give it a try?! if you are serious about your business, this is the best risk-free consultation with Jose. I'm sure you will enjoy his companionship and his expertise will impress you.

ZARA BAZIRI  //  Business Analyst

All this can be yours, right now, for free! It's time to take action now and transform how effective your website is for your business & your bottom line!

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