5 Tips on: How to use Facebook Ads to generate leads for any business

If you’ve ever tried Facebook Advertising you’ll know that it’s not as straight forward as it seems. There are powerful settings under the hood that at first glance you wouldn’t notice and that’s exactly what will be covered.

In this article I want to share with you how you can use Facebook Ads to generate a high level of leads for any business. Facebook has access to WhatsApp, Instagram, Audience Network like Tinder, Messenger and more that you can tap into to generate leads, but first things first get acquainted with the platform.

Tip 1: If your in the lead generation business, try using a Canva ad or lead as your campaign objective. You’ll want to test how your audience opts into your funnel by testing different images and copy. But wait! Did you install the pixel correctly on your website or app? Did you tell Facebook what pages are considered leads and which ones are pageviews? Did you tell Facebook which pages, if your in ecommerce, are for add to cart and which pages are for checking out?

If not I suggest you read up on installing the pixel with advance options because you’ll need this down the road for re-targeting your users with new messaging.

Let me ask is your audience on Facebook? Are they on Instagram? Where are they and what do they like to do, read, follow? How old are they? Have they purchased from you in the past? Do you have a website? Where do you intend to have users flow to and contact you or purchase from you? Are you targeting customers or business owners? What other platforms are they on? Snapchat? Linkedin? Spotify?

I ask these questions because they will help you develop the copy and call to action when your building out your ad.

Great! So you set your campaign objective. I would then suggest you drive them to messenger to connect or a squeeze page. This works great if you’re a mortgage lender, gym owner, dentist, trades worker or consultant.

Tip 2: Try Instagram ads for your product, I would suggest using video and then re-target your users that watched at different points. 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute. Obviously the longer the more engaged that user is the more likely they are to be to your offer. You’ll want to come back and create new ads for those that stuck around at different lengths of time. You can test ads in the feed or story using images or video.

Tip 3: Then you can create campaigns that further calls them back after 5 days, 7 days, 14 days or 30+days. Why? Because you’ll want to be top of mind and if they were on the fence about your offering you can incentive or show them a different feature of your product so that they purchase from you.

Tip 4: To add more to the mix you’ll want to then create a LLA or a Look a like audience at 1% , 2% and 3%. Facebook will find users that are similar to the people buying or engaging with your ads. You can ask Facebook to create a LLA from your current leads list or if you have an email list either from your networking groups on Linkedin or opt-ins from your website now would be a great time to import them into Facebook and let Facebook come up with a similar audience. (This list building in itself is another trick to get cheap ads from Facebook and Google because they already know you!)

Tip 5: Another tactic is to use engagement. Facebook will show you the basics of how to create ads and suggest what seems like a good idea, here is an example you write a post and Facebook suggests a boost to get more traffic to your post. DON’T! Why? Because you’ll want better control of your targeting, audience, tracking and spend. What you want to do instead is go through and create an ad instead that targets the same post.

Here is basically how you want to drive cold audiences to your ads. First create a campaign with the objective of Lead that then drives the user to messenger. If that’s working great if not test new variables such as your audience is it too broad or narrow? Are you spending more than your advertisers or less? Are you double dipping into the same audiences with different ads?

Here is what happens when you aren’t doing it right. It gets expensive, your campaign stalls, you’re ads get flagged. People click but bounce out fast (68% or higher) and no one is buying! You have to understand that you’re competing with other advertisers possibly thousands of them if its a product like a tee-shirt or other ecommerce product and if you’re ad is for local audiences then consider how many offers in your niche are being offered to the same audiences.

Your ad has to stand out and be better than all the other offers for you to see purchases, calls, etc…